Website for a monthly publication that features fishing in Hawaii.  Laron "Takeo" Kageyama is one of the contributing writers for this periodical.  For the latest on fishing in Hawaii, subscribe to The Hawaii Fishing News!
S. Tokunaga Store in Hilo, Hawaii is the Takeo's favorite fishing store.  From shorefishing to off-shore fishing to spearfishing, S. Tokunaga store has it all!  The friendly staff will help you with all of your fishing needs.  Takeo's artwork and t-shirts can be found at S. Tokunaga store. 
Finding quality art supplies is a challenge in Hilo, Hawaii.  Takeo gets his watercolor and acrylic paints, matting, foamboards, brushes, and other art supplies from Blick Art Materials. 
When Takeo is not printing, he is playing one of his ukuleles.  Takeo's newest ukulele is made by Island of Hawaii, Master Luthier, Chuck Moore.  Chuck's ukuleles are not only a piece of art, they are quality instruments with superb playability and sound! Moore Bettah Ukuleles is defintely, more better!
Big Island of Hawaii artist, Bonnie Sargent, creates beautiful handcrafted porcelain jewelry using an ancient Japanese technique called neriage.  Bonnie's work is inspired by the flora and fauna that surrounds her in her Hawaii home.  Bonnie's jewelry is not only wearable artwork, they are little gifts of aloha!